Monday 4th – Friday 8th September 2023

  1. On Monday, 4th September 2023, the University Librarian, Dr. Helen U. Emasealu, received the following book donations forwarded from the office of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Owunari A. Georgewill, for library retention:
      • Community Court of Justice Report 2011 (2 copies)
      • Community Court of Justice Report 2012 (3 copies)
      • Community Court of Justice Report 2013 (3 copies)
      • Community Court of Justice Report 2014 (3 copies)
      • Community Court of Justice Report 2015 (4 copies)
      • Community Court of Justice Report 2017 (5 copies)
  1. The University Librarian, Dr. Helen U. Emasealu, received the following book donations from Mr. Oluwaseyi Adebiyi, a graduate of the Faculty of Management Science, for library retention:
      • Public Finance (20th edition) by H. L. Bhatia (1 copy)
      • Business Accounting 2 by J. O.  Omuya (1 copy)
      • Financial Accounting by A. R. Jennings (1 copy)
      • Financial Accounting by S. Lola Akintelure and Jude I. Oguoba (1 copy)
      • Financial Accounting Made Simple by Robert O. Igben (1 copy)
      • College Mathematics by Goddy Okey Ezekute (1 copy)
      • Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics (4th edition) by Alpha C. Chiang (1 copy)
      • Statistics: Theory and Problem of Statistics (4th edition) by Murray and Spiegel and Larry J. Stephen (1copy)
      • Introduction to University Mathematics (21, Volume 1) by Adelodun J. F. Adio (3 copies)
      • Introduction to Mathematical Economics by Edward T. Dowling (2 copies)
      • Harpe’s Illustrated Biochemistry (29th edition) by Robert K. Murray (1 copy)
      • Practical Biology Manual by Eseyin Olushola O. (1 copy)
      • Essentials of Genetics (7th edition) by William S. King (1 copy)
      • Principles of Management by Adekunle O. Olujobi (1 copy)
      • Introduction to the Use of Library and Information Resources by J. O. U. Odiase (2 copies)
      • Psychology of Human Behaviours by Joshua M. A. Oyinloye (1 copy)
      • General Introduction to Computing by Prof. Grace O. Tayo (2 copies)
      • Advanced Level Physics (7th edition) by Michael Neikon (1 copy)
      • Personnel and Human Resource Management (5th edition) by G. A. Cole (1 copy)
      • Religion and Society by Adelowo Felix Adetunji (1 copy)
      • The Dog’s Health from A-Z: The Ultimate Handy Guide for Every Dog Owner by John Bleby (1 copy)
      • Basic Civic Education for Senior Secondary School, SS1 by Mary N. Ukaegbu (1 copy)
      • Lower Plants by Ayo Fatubarin (1 copy)
      • Fundamentals of French Grammar by Kola Ojelade (1 copy)
      • Essential Geography by O. A. Iwena (1 copy)
      • Managerial Economics (6th edition) by D. N. Dwivedi (1 copy)
      • Chemistry: The Central Science (11th edition) by Brown Lemay B. (1 copy)
      • The Structure of Nigerian Economy (1960-1997) by J. C. Anyanwu (1 copy)
      • Economies Lipsey and Crystal (11th edition) by Richard Lipsey & Alec (1 copy)
      • Basic Econometrics (5th edition) by Damodar N. Gujarati (2 copies)
      • Macroeconomics (5th edition) by Oliver Blanchard (1 copy)
      • English Language Bricks for Communication by Nwaudo G. Ochulor (1 copy)
      • Basics of Economics by Omolara A. Campbell (1 copy)
      • xxxiv. Microeconomic Theory (6th edition) by M. I. Hingan (1 copy)
      • Monetary Economics (6th edition) by M. I. Hingan (1 copy)
      • Microeconomics: Theory and Application (3rd edition) by T. A. Oyeniyi (1 copy)
      • History of Economic Thought (4th Revised edition) by H. L. Bhata (1 copy)
      • The Economics of Development and Planning (40th edition) by M. L . Ihingan  (1 copy)
      • Intermediate Microeconomics (7th edition) by Hal. R. Varian (1 copy)
      • Macroeconomics (4th edition) by Olivier Blanchard. (1 copy).

The Management of Donald Ekong Library appreciates the donors for the kind gesture, and it encourages other scholars, library patrons and corporate bodies to contribute books, journals and audio-visual materials to enrich the Library’s resources and stimulate further research.

  1. On Wednesday, 6th September 2023, the University Library, Dr. Helen Emasealu, attended a two-day TETFund Desk Officers Workshop tagged: Improving TETFund Intervention Programmes and Processes in Tertiary Institutions.
  2. The Knowledge Commons (for undergraduates) and the Research Commons (for postgraduates) sections on the first floor of the Library are open to those who wish to access the Library’s electronic resources using the ICT facilities in the Library. Similarly, the Elsevier training laboratory on the second floor has internet access to all subscribed databases and is open to faculty members.
  3. The Library has received an update of its Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) database with the new content. The database provides registered faculty members and researchers with the most highly cited articles, journals and information materials from individuals, institutions and consortia on all disciplines worldwide.
  4. In response to the request made by some library users on the Library virtual platform during the week, Donald Ekong Library requests all library patrons to use the appropriate icon on the Library Website for prompt WhatsApp responses to their information needs.
  5. Weekly statistics of the patronage of Donald Ekong Library showed a 76% increase from one hundred and forty (140) users in the previous week to two hundred and forty-seven (247) users in the current week. The University Library is in full swing and welcomes our patrons back in the new semester.

Supplementary Information:

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Parting Shot: The Library is a veritable source of knowledge. Therefore, staff and students are encouraged to seek knowledge regularly using Donald Ekong Library learning resources.

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